While researching cryptid animal activity in the region I have been made aware of the presence of zombies, ghouls, and other human aberrations.  These cannot be strictly classified as cryptids yet they also deserve and warrant observation and research.  Fortunately, the ZOM Foundation has taken the lead in this field, maintaining a close watch on threats of zombie activity and containing and treating outbreaks, all while keeping a very low profile so as not to panic the public at large.

I consider myself fortunate to have been recruited by the ZOM Alert (Low Violence) Outbreak Response Team SW MO Sector, and I will be maintaining the team's own private communications website.  If you promise not to tell anyone, you can check it out at:
The ZOM Alert SW MO Sector Running Team.  I (on the far left) am wearing bite proof anti-zombie gear and carrying the ZOM 421 - 32  Vaccine Delivery Device