What are Urban Cryptids?

This sign posted in a park in Springfield Missouri depicts a lightning-like creature with an angry face, electrocuting some hapless human being. Of course, a rational individual would interpret this as a metaphor for some kind of mundane electrical risk, but the sign, taken literally, clearly shows some kind of creature whose existence is not recognized by scientific authorities. This kind of strange living creature whose existence is suggested but has not been proven is often referred to as a cryptid, and the study of such creatures is called Cryptozoology.
Cryptozoologists such as Bigfoot hunters and sea serpent experts often travel the globe in search of evidence, but we believe that evidence exists for strange and unbelievable creatures in our own urban and suburban communities, if we choose to interpret this evidence imaginatively and with tongue firmly in cheek. We invite you to join us in our never ending search for Urban Cryptids

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