Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Florida and Urban Skunk Apes: a comparison

I would like to take time off from our discussion on novel methods of psychic communication to address brand new information from the Huffington Post regarding the skunk ape of Florida.
According to the recent article, Florida electrician John Rodriguez was able to take a remarkable photo of the skunk ape near Tampa on December 26th.  Here, I compare an enlarged detail of his photo (thank you, Mr. Rodriguez!) with an enlarged detail from our best image of the Urban Skunk Ape, the infamous "selfie" of 2011.  Even though the exposed skin color of the two creatures differ (just as human skin colors differ) the other features are strikingly similar:  The intelligent eyes, the overly prominent nostrils, the size and position of the mouth, and, most interestingly, the definite skunk-like stripe on the head.  I believe that this is enough evidence to place both creatures in the same genus and species- Ameranthropoides putoris