Saturday, December 20, 2014

A New Method of Psychic Communication

As many of you will remember, we have documented the psychic abilities of the famous white squirrels of Marionville Missouri.  This led to my own experiments involving the testing of other albino and leucistic animals using commonly available Zener cards.  Mice proved to be entirely disinterested in the process, so I eventually settled on using my leucistic ferret Ferdinand as the primary test subject. 
The process was a simple one:  I would choose, at random, a card from the Zener deck and, without looking at it, show the card to the ferret.  Once the ferret had three seconds to look at the card I would then attempt to receive any psychic emanations from the ferret that would indicate which card symbol the ferret had seen.

Unfortunately, test duration was limited by Ferdinand's apparent boredom, especially when treats were brought into the process. What results I was able to gather showed little promise.

Since then I have worked on the design of a new method of extra-sensory communication that I believe will be much more successful.  I will describe this new machine, the Electropsychical Ouchigraph, in my next post.