Friday, November 7, 2014

The Silver Moon Mine

You may have heard stories of "lost mines" in the Ozarks, but it might surprise you how close some of them are to urban centers.  I recently obtained clues to the location of the lost town of Melva, Missouri (destroyed by a tornado in 1920) and the nearby ruins of the Silver Moon Mine and realized that the mine was only about two miles from the Branson Airport!

After contacting area residents I was able to find a trail leading to a rugged ravine containing the rubble of the old sluice works.  A short climb revealed the main mine shaft with a vertical drop of over 70 feet. As curious as I was as to what fauna might be residing in the tunnels, I refrained from doing any subterranean snooping.

Coincidentally, while I was visiting the site I heard mention of a creature referred to as a "wontchuck". Hopefully I'll be able to find more information on this rarely seen beast.

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