Friday, November 22, 2013

Skunk Ape Revelations!

As I mentioned last June, the Supernatural Registration Authority was an attempt by the Canadians to identify non-human intelligent entities and give them an international legal identity.  This effort was shut down due to budget cuts in 2012, but a substantial database was said to remain. Since this summer I have petitioned these authorities for information regarding any such entities residing in Missouri.  After months of waiting, I received a stack of photocopied documents.

The "Missouri Skunk Ape" document
The first page, strangely, was a map of magnetite deposits in the state.  Another makes mention of a cryptid living in Pike County, Missouri (the infamous MOMO?).  There is no mention of the Goat Man of Bethesda (much to my disappointment).  It was the last two pages that contained stunning revelations.

In the second to last page, a certain creature living in Missouri is classified as a "Sasquatch Yeti" and is given the name "S***ky (blurred) the Skunk Ape".  No specific residence or location is listed. Certain rights and legal obligations are listed. Amazingly, a birth date in 1812 is given, making the creature, if still alive, 201 years old!

As astounding as this was, it was the last page that held the most remarkable revelation ...

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