Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skunk Ape Revelations II

Photocopy from the SRA archives in Canada
Of course, if you haven't been keeping up with my efforts to gain information regarding Missouri cryptids from the Supernatural Registration Authority, you'll want to read last week's revelations.

The strangest item among the documents I received from the Supernatural Registration Authority was the last page, a blurry black and white photocopy of some kind of identification card.  The photo appears to be a portrait of the Skunk Ape himself!  But how?

I then remembered an incident from 2011.  It was in the autumn of that year that I lost my smart phone at Sequiota Park in Springfield Missouri, not far from the original stomping grounds of the Skunk Ape himself.  When I again found the phone, the camera memory contained photos that appeared to be attempts by the creature to use the camera to take a portrait of himself.  I now realize that the Skunk Ape was not just playing with the camera - he was using it to register himself with the Authority!

As interesting as this all is, it is also somewhat disturbing,  Most cryptozoologists normally assume that these creatures are avoiding civilization, though it has been my theory that some are living in rather close proximity with humans.  I'm now wondering how well integrated with humanity they really are.  Could it be that creatures like the Skunk Ape are actually living among us, perhaps in disguise?  Could we be regularly encountering cryptids on the street and never realizing it?

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