Friday, July 26, 2013

The Great Center City Waterway

Wilson's Creek hidden under Scenic Avenue

We have already established that numerous waterways in the city of Springfield are being used as avenues for cryptid activity. It should come as no surprise that rarely seen creatures can easily find egress in and out of the city - The great majority of Springfieldians have no idea that such wild corridors exist.

Perhaps the largest is the Jordan Creek/ Wilson's Creek system that runs from its 0.6 mile subterranean path through the center of the city, under the Grant Street Viaduct, and on to the southwest, joining Fassnight Creek downstream of Elfindale (a neighborhood with its own strangely mythical history) and onward toward the town of Battlefield.  Jordan Creek meets Wilson's Creek within an industrial district, yet, as pictured here, we see that the system provides ample seclusion and resources for wildlife.  Cursory examination at various trail accesses uncovers ample signs of wildlife, but so far little evidence for the presence of the Elusive Urban Skunk Ape or the previously reported giant catfish has been uncovered. 

On Monday we will begin a planned two week excursion of the waterway via foot and kayak to more accurately map and detail the corridor.  We will be posting our findings, so stay tuned...

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