Friday, June 28, 2013

New Power Washer Eliminates Evidence

One of the most important activities related to the Science of Cryptozoology is the meticulous gathering of physical evidence - that is, the collection of spoor (hair, fecal matter, etc.)  Unfortunately, the Downtown Springfield Community Improvement District may have made our job even more difficult.  They have recently purchased a brand new high pressure power washer that has the capability to remove all trace of the Elusive Urban Skunk Ape from the city's sidewalks!  Though this development may make the elusive creature even more elusive, we are glad that the people of Springfield are working so hard to improve our downtown environment.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hidden Archives in Canada?

Those of you who are acquainted with the weird are probably aware, in one way or another, of the Supernatural Registration Authority.  This was an attempt by the Canadians to offer national and international legal status to supernatural creatures and entities from around the world.  This also included naturally occurring non-human individuals such as intelligent cryptids.  According to those involved, a substantial database of these creatures was compiled before budget cuts forced the shutdown of the department and its efforts last year. 

Recently, I have been attempting to gain access to this mothballed database in hopes of finding information on some of the cryptids we have investigated.  For example, is there any information linking the Goatman of the Bethesda Lodge (pictured on left) with the later Goatmen of Maryland and Texas?  Is there any relationship between the Elusive Urban Skunk Ape of Springfield and MOMO, the shaggy cryptid (right) who frightened many in eastern Missouri in the '70s?  Hopefully, I'll be able to persuade the Canadian authorities to release some amount of pertinent data.  Stay tuned...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cage near Jordan Valley

As mentioned earlier, the City of Springfield Missouri has major plans to renovate the West Meadows area of the Jordan Creek Valley in the center of the city.  As this is a known habitat for cryptids such as the Elusive Urban Skunk Ape we have been concerned that increased human use of the area may lead to more frequent human/cryptid encounters.  It appears that the City may be already making plans regarding this issue - A giant cage has been built and is being kept nearby!  Does the city government actually plan on trying to capture the Skunk Ape?  What will this mean to human/cryptid relations in the area?  We ask all concerned citizens to keep an eye on this developing issue.