Friday, February 8, 2013

Mail-Order Monsters

As we prepare to move the collection of the Urban Cryptid Conservancy to our new secret laboratory in Midtown Springfield Missouri we'll take a look at a nearly forgotten item in the collection.

From the Media Collection of the UCC
Perhaps you'll remember this advertisement that ran in comic books decades ago. What happened to the creatures that were sold to children through advertisements like these has been a troubling question. Sea-Monkeys have never become an invasive species, while "Chameleons", otherwise known as Anoles, can be found throughout California. A far more dangerous example would be the Baby Alligators that grew up to infest so many of the city sewers in the United States. And let us not forget the mail-order Cobras that led to the infamous Springfield Cobra Scare of 1953. Fortunately or unfortunately, no feral population of these strange "botanical" creatures has been reported. In fact, we know very little about these particular mail-order monsters. If you have any information regarding this advertisement and the creatures described therein please contact me!

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