Friday, February 15, 2013

A Mean Monster in Michigan

While we continue to set up our new Midtown laboratory and prepare for new experiments (such as our human/ferret telepathy studies), we'll stop to take a look at another rare item in the collection of the UCC.

From the UCC Document Collection
When studying specific cryptid cases it's always best to go back to the original reports and documentation. To the right is another valuable document from the Urban Cryptid Conservancy collection: The rare, original August 18th, 1965 wire photo distributed by the Associated Press regarding the terrifying encounter reported by the Van Acker family of Monroe, Michigan. The original accompanying wire service message read as follows:
"Christine Van Acker, 17, sports a black left eye after an encounter with what was described as a huge hairy monster who jumped on the side of her car and beat her head against the door until she fainted. State police said that 16 persons have reported sighting the monster in the last two months. One witness drew the drawing at left. Hundreds of rain soaked hunters tramped the woods and fields Monday near Monroe, Mich., in search of the 'beast'."
Coincidentally, this was not long after persons in Springfield, Missouri began reporting that the Elusive Urban Skunk Ape was leaving flowers on doorsteps.  Obviously, some cryptids are nicer than others.

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