Friday, November 30, 2012

Stumbled upon History in the Dark

One night earlier this week I was following a lead on a potential Skunk Ape sighting on West Bypass when I literally stumbled upon a remarkable little place on the edges of the City. This tiny lost plot of land is the Rose Cemetery, which, it turns out, is the final resting place of Kindred Rose, one of Springfield's earliest residents.

Kindred Rose was not only the man credited with giving Springfield its name - According to legal records he also was a successful property and slave owner, and in 1867 became the man who smacked a Mr. James Simpson in the head with an iron bar  (the Union and Emancipation were still touchy subjects).

On the night I first accidently discovered this place I attempted to photograph it, but the picture was ruined by the presence of a lot of pesky orbs.  I returned to the place two days later to take the photograph shown here.

While researching the history of this spot, I came across a number of bits of information that hint at the earliest attempts to find the Elusive Skunk Ape in Springfield.  More on this in next week's post!

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