Friday, November 9, 2012

Possible New Cryptid Class?

Usually, an observed phenomenon can be quickly classified - common animal, cryptid, or whatever.  Sometimes, though, one sees something that is very difficult to identify or explain.  The following is something I experienced some time ago that I only now have been able to explain to my satisfaction.  Indeed, I now realize that I may have seen an entirely new classification of cryptid lifeform!

About twelve years ago I was driving through the Brentwood neighborhood in southeast Springfield, just south of the Brentwood Library on Stewart Avenue.  One section of the street was not well lit by the streetlight, yet two white objects in the darkened yard to my right caught my eye.  Suddenly, as my headlights briefly flashed across the yard, I caught a clearer view of two small white creatures running through the lawn.  Each one was less than eight inches tall, with two legs and no visible head or arms.  Then, just as suddenly, I lost sight of them.

For years I have rationalised this strange experience as a mistaken sighting of some mundane sort of creatures.  Indeed, they did not appear to be any kind of imaginable animals, normal or cryptid.  Yet, this week I made an observation that gave me an amazing new possible explanation for these tiny unidentified creatures.

I will post my new theory next weekend, but in the meantime I challenge you to come up with an explanation, rational or irrational, for this strange phenomena.  See if YOU can decide what I saw on that dark night twelve years ago, and send YOUR theory to:

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