Friday, September 7, 2012

In the Depths of the Museum

Armed with our special equipment packs we arrived in St. Louis Missouri well prepared to explore the insanely baroque majesty of the City Museum. Created by artist Bob Cassilly and his small army of artisans, the Museum is built largely out of the detritus of the city itself. As we climbed and crawled through the many passageways of the building we found signs of innumerable creatures and caught sight of many living creatures as well. But it was in the darkest depths of its maze-like caverns that I made my most stunning discovery.

While crawling blindly through the cramped and narrow catacombs my hands fell upon strange yet familiar stone shapes. Covering the walls of this passage were the grim stone visages of giant frogs, very much like the giant stone frog statue that we had found south of Lake Springfield!

Was this just a coincidence, or was this evidence of some kind of ancient cryptid amphibian activity? The very next day we made another discovery outside of St. Louis that proved how truly ancient it was!

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