Friday, September 14, 2012

Frogs of the Moundbuilders

For the final piece of the puzzle to the ancient frog mystery we made our way to the Cahokia Mounds Museum and Historic Site just east of St. Louis near Collinsville Illinois.  The Moundbuilders of Cahokia were part of the Mississippian culture that flourished in what is now the central United States from around 600 to 1400 A.D. They left behind many remarkable artifacts, including the great mound city at Cahokia for which they are named.

This pipe bowl of fire clay depicts a frog-like creature holding a ceremonial rattle in its hand.  This is one of three such ceremonial frogs that have been found related to the Moundbuilder culture.

So, did these frogs have some importance to the dwellers of Cahokia?  Do they represent magical animals, or some kind of intelligent cryptid like the infamous "Loveland Frogs" of Ohio? Do they have any link to the more recent strange frog images that we have previously discovered? Perhaps we will never know!

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