Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great Frog of Mystery

There are times when the search for strange and unusual creatures leads one to discoveries beyond the scope of Cryptozoology and into the realm of the truly strange.  Just such an event occurred this week as we were driving into Springfield Missouri.  Just before crossing Lake Springfield, we caught sight of what appeared to be a giant frog sitting in an empty expanse near the U.S. 65 44 mile marker.  After parking the car and making a short jog across the marshy ground I came upon the object - a hauntingly strange idol-like stone statue of a frog well over 4 feet tall!  Who created it, and why was it put there?  Is it a religious icon of some strange ancient cult?  Could it be related to intelligent inhuman creatures such as the infamous Loveland Frogs?  Perhaps this is a case for the Ghostbusters of the Ozarks or macabre maven Uncle Gregory!


  1. That's weird as heck! Hmmm, like Easter Island, giant frog statues that no one knows why or how they got there!