Friday, August 24, 2012

Further Frog Frenzy

Since last week's post we have been inundated with messages from folks concerned with the possibility that frog sculptures in neighborhood gardens might represent some kind of frog-related cryptic activity. We are happy to report that most of these frog statues are perfectly normal garden decorations and are no cause for alarm.  Unlike the huge, spooky stone frog described before, these garden statues simply depict frogs in whimsical fashion.  For example, the photo at the bottom does not show a multi-headed, multi-limbed mutant frog as one reader feared.  Rather, this statue depicts three frogs engaging in what amphibian scientists refer to as a "frog conga line dance". This rare behavior is only exhibited by frogs when they hear a strong syncopation before the fourth beat of the measure.
- second photo submitted by S.H. of Springfield MO

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