Friday, May 25, 2012

Mutants at the 5k!

Photo courtesy of Smart Insurance Agency
Where can you run a 5k race, raise money for a good cause, and be on the lookout for mutants, all at the same time?  At the 7TH ANNUAL RUNNING OF THE SQUIRRELS 5K race in Marionville Missouri!  That's because Marionville is infested with hundreds of mutant white squirrels!

Yes, since the town was founded in 1854, it has been home to a population of squirrels carrying a mutant gene causing albinism.  An estimated 250 white squirrels reside within the city limits, not counting gray squirrels that may be carriers of the mutant gene.

On June 9th, the town will host the  RUNNING OF THE SQUIRRELS 5K to raise funds for the Marionville Band Boosters.  For more info, check out:
and in the meantime, we will be taking a closer look at the mutants in next week's post...

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