Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skunk Ape hot dog theft?

Although cryptids of his type are commonly considered to be omnivorous, current evidence suggests that Springfield's own Skunk Ape is a vegetarian. That assessment was called into question last Friday evening when a nice lady working behind the counter at Emack & Bolio's, a local ice cream parlor near the Skunk Ape's known lair, reported that they had mysteriously run out of their delicious "Nathan's Famous" hot dogs. Had they been stolen by the Skunk Ape? If so, this would be the first example of meat in the Skunk Ape's diet, and it would be the first time that the Skunk Ape had stolen anything of value. On further examination, this proved not to be the case - It turns out that they had simply sold their entire supply that day. We encourage everyone to stop by Emack & Bolio's and enjoy a hot dog and ice cream when visiting Sequiota Park.

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  1. I remember when that little building was a Brown Derby. A lady I knew came into my Father in Laws Store, which is now the flea market south of there, complaining they had asked for ID when she paid for her liquor with a check. she said"**** I'm the only reason that place is still in business." Another time I was in there buying beer, the guy asked for ID, since he said, "a sheriffs car just pulled up" I looked out the window, and it was the dog catcher. I had shaved my beard for my father's funeral a few days before. I showed him my license and he said,"You had a beard in this photo, what happened?" I said "I shaved it off." He thought for a minute and said, "Well, okay" I always think of that when I drive by there. He could have been a Skunk Ape who had hidden the clerk, and was going to steal some snacks. I'm lucky I got out alive.